Return to Cambodia

February 2005

Ever since returning from my first visit in 2004, I was itching to return to Cambodia. My buddy Don was also interested to see Cambodia again. So February 1, my birthday, we got up at 5 a.m. and went to the airport to fly to Manila and on to Bangkok.

We landed in Bangkok and checked into the Dynasty Hotel....aircon and hot showers. It's a step up from my usual traveling style (fan room and shared bathroom), but I was willing to fork out a few extra baht to accommodate Don's slightly more upscale traveling style. Wow, my first hot shower in almost a year!

That evening we met up with our mutual buddy Kevin and went out to dinner, then visited Nana Plaza, Bangkok's famous nightlife entertainment complex....quite a place.
*To my great disappointment, I lost all my photos from the first five days of the trip, due to a camera memory card malfunction. Bummer!

The next day Don and I took buses across eastern Thailand and crossed into Cambodia at Koh Kong, a sleepy but developing border town at the mouth of the Stung Koh Poi River.

After two relaxing days in Koh Kong, we took a boat across the southernwest coast of Cambodia to Sihanoukville, population 155,000. Sihanoukville was "hacked out of the jungle" in the late 1950's to create Cambodia's only deep-water port. National Highway 4 was constructed to connect it to the capitol Phnom Penh, 230 km to the north.

Sihanoukville is a bustling port


...and the most popular beach resort in Cambodia


Chinese New Years: the air was thick with firecracker smoke and families were busy making New Year's offering to the deities.

New Year's offering

Three nights in Sihanoukville and then we moved on to Kampot

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